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Trans-Pacific Partnership: Ratification Required
By now you’ve likely read or heard about the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) in the news. This world class 12 nation multilateral trade deal was negotiated & finalized by our government.
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Face to Face Needed for Results: Not Hope
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Budgets will balance themselves: but only if you borrow the $115 Billion
Ottawa – The Liberals promised to run deficits of not more than $10 Billion dollars during the 2015 election campaign. Yesterday evening’s 2016 budget presentation saw that promise torpedoed. Instead Canadians are faced with a projected de
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Physician-Assisted Dying Committee went too far
North Battleford – Last year the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) ruled that Canadians have a constitutional right to kill themselves, and gave the federal government a strict timeline to put rules in place to allow it.
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Canadian Transportation Act Review: Liberals commit to more consultation
Ottawa – Last week the Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, tabled the Canadian Transportation Act (CTA) Review in the House of Commons. The review included several positive recommendations, but missed on key issues such as enhancing competition
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Liberal Government Trade Policy Clear; Clearly All Over the Map
OTTAWA – On Friday the Liberal Government told Canadian businesses where their trade priorities lie by lifting economic sanctions on Iran. The Minister of International Trade, Chrystia Freeland went so far as to say, “With these amendments to
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Liberals Offer Platitudes in Place of Action on Pipelines
It should come as no surprise that the Liberal government voted against the Conservative motion to support the Energy East pipeline. After all, until a few weeks ago the Liberals didn’t even know that four major pipelines were built in Canada betw
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