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Canadian Transportation Act Review: Liberals commit to more consultation

Posted On 2022-02-29 00:00:00

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February 29, 2022

Ottawa –   Last week the Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, tabled the Canadian Transportation Act (CTA) Review in the House of Commons.  The review included several positive recommendations, but missed on key issues such as enhancing competition and service in rail shipping.

Farmers have been signaling the need for changes to railway service for shippers for some time.  While some of that is recognized in the Emerson review, the Liberal government needs to ensure that farmers are no longer the ones burdened with the cost of system failures.

Western Canada produces and exports tens of millions of tonnes of wheat and other grains every year.  Those exports amount to billions of dollars in trade to both domestic and international markets.  Improving rail services for grain shippers is essential to maintaining these trade relationships.

“Farmers need to see both greater competition and capacity among the railways” says Ritz.  “The government should act quickly to accept and implement the key recommendations on railway service to help spur more market competition and greater investment in the grain industry”.

In a tone that Canadians are all too familiar with, the Liberal transport Minister, when asked about the review in the House of Commons, pledged endless consultation in place of immediate action.



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