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Gerry and his staff serve constituents in many ways, including working on their behalf on specific issues related to federal government departments.  He can assist with files related to Agriculture, Citizenship and Immigration, Employment Insurance, Revenue Canada, CPP and OAS, student loans, passports, child tax credit, and more.

You'll find contact information for many of these departments on the links page.


For further assistance, please contact our office.  Please note that in order to make an enquiry on your behalf, Revenue Canada requires a signed consent form giving our office release to obtain the information you need.  Consent forms and personal information may be required for other agencies.

Congratulatory birthday/anniversary greeting certificates from the MP, Prime Minister, Premier, Leader of Opposition, Governor General and Queen

Contact my office with the following information and we will contact the Lieutenant Governor's office on your behalf: 

Birthday/Anniversary Certificates:  Full name(s), age, address and phone number of the recipient(s).  Date of actual birthday/anniversary and celebration date.  Name, address and phone number of the person the certificate is to be sent to, if different than above.

To obtain a congratulatory greeting certificate from Her Majesty the Queen, the recipient(s) must be 100 years old or in the case of a wedding anniversary, must be celebrating 60 or more years. A copy of a birth certificate, or Old Age Security or Social Insurance number is required as proof for a birthday greeting.  For a wedding anniversary, a copy of the marriage certificate is required. Please note: these documents are needed only if you want greetings from the Queen.

It takes up to two months to receive Canadian certificates and up to three months for greetings from the Queen. 


Visiting Ottawa

Gerry's Ottawa office can provide constituents visiting our nation's capital with passes to the visitor's gallery in the House of Commons (when in session). If you would like to see Question Period or a regular debate, contact the Parliament Hill office at 613-995-7080 or by email.

Please be advised that all visitors to the Parliament Buildings are required to go through security scanning stations. Line-ups are to be expected, so we recommend you allow extra time. Further information on visiting Parliament Hill, including tours and attractions, is available online at www.parl.gc.ca/information/visitors/index-e.asp#visitor.

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