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Liberal Government prepares to gift terrorist $10 million

Posted On 2022-07-05 00:00:00

Liberal Government prepares to gift terrorist $10 million

For Immediate Release
July 5th, 2017

Common sense is under unnecessary fire as Justin Trudeau prepares to gift convicted terrorist Omar Khadr $10 million. There has been no court process that demands the Liberals do this. How can Trudeau justify that Canadian service men and women who give their lives to defend our rights and freedoms, including Khadr’s, get a pittance of the financial compensation now offered to Khadr, a man who admits to fighting against Canadian and allied soldiers.

To add insult to injury, Justin Trudeau continues to fight our veterans in court after many have died in defense of the Canadian liberties that we hold dear.

Rather than Trudeau and his Liberal government’s precedent setting apology and funding of this convicted terrorist, they must focus on the many Canadian communities and organizations struggling for funding. Earlier this year the Conservative Party demanded that the Liberal Government commit $19 million over 5 years towards autism, a neurological disorder that impact 1 in 68 children. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s priority is not to help these families, but instead give $10 million to a convicted terrorist.

Trudeau and his Liberal government constantly undermine what is right and what is just. If Khadr is truly sorry, he should flow any money he receives to the widow and family of the American medic that he killed.

The vast majority of clearer thinking Canadians agree that this Justin Trudeau Liberal decision is wrong headed and mean spirited.





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