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Safe and Sensible Firearms Policies

Posted On 2021-08-18 00:00:00

North Battleford - Honourable Gerry Ritz, MP welcomes the recently announced coming-into-force of the Firearms Records Regulations (Classification) made by the Honourable Steven Blaney, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety .

These regulations, which are now in force, will require the Registrar of Firearms to keep a record of every classification determination. It also prohibits the amendment of those records following one year after the day on which the record is made. In other words, one year after the firearm is first classified.

For example, a record of classification of a firearm classified before August 14, 2013, can now no longer be altered. BY preventing the alteration of records, the property rights of law-abiding firearms owners will be strengthened.

“Farmers, hunters, and sport shooters, need no longer fear that they will become a criminal overnight,” said Ritz. “We listened to the feedback we received regarding the Swiss Arms and CZ 858 reclassification, and have taken action to stop arbitrary changes to records of classification”.

The Conservative Government has consistently acted to protect the rights of those who are in lawful possession of firearms. These latest common sense measures will further eliminate the possibility of lawful gun owners becoming criminals by the stroke of a pen.

- Gerry Ritz, MP Battlefords-Lloydminster

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